Friday, 3 March 2017

Reviews of Diazepam User Experiences and the High

Diazepam 10mg User Experiences
"A doctor gave me an injection of diazepam 5mg due to anxiety attacks caused by cocaine when I stopped working. It has been effective, long-lasting, and has greatly reduced anxiety."
Kevin, USA

"Diazepam is very effective but has a significant risk of addiction. On the advice of my doctor, I have passed to Atarax which is almost as effective as diazepam with a less serious risk of addiction. At the moment I am satisfied with the Atarax."
Maria, Australia

"I have taken diazepam 5 and 10mg early in the day, I was not sleepy ... so that diazepam with me to sleep would have to be a higher dose ...

Ideally, you try how you react in your body because we do not all react the same to the drug. It starts with 2.5 and at night you take the rest. When you are accustomed to diazepam you will not feel sleepy and you can take the 10mg whenever you want

You know I take it very early when I get up, because I know that I go out early to the street, sometimes I take it at 6.30 am haha ​​and some at 8 am because at that time I leave the apartment ....

I am sincere I do not know if I was getting sleepy lol because when I trained so early 9am I got dead sleepy I do not know if for the diazepam or for getting up early ... never even lower the 5mg

About the schedules I do not respect much of that, what I take into account is when I go out, for example I took more diazepam, I took another half pill of 5mg or 2.5 at 2pm before leaving

I do not take them at night because my intention is not to sleep, it has always been anxiety and now I withdraw the pills little by little. "

Jason, UK

"I take time to take diazepam at night, because it is difficult for me to sleep, I have anxiety about the nights. If you do not have that problem, take it in the morning, after lunch as you will benefit without the hyper feeling that anxiety and panic attacks bring on. A lot of people cannot take diazepam 10mg in the morning when they wake up as it sends them back to sleep. But if I have had enough sleep I can take diazepam 10mg with breakfast so that I remain calm all day long."
Karen, Canada

"I take diazepam from time to time, never more than 2 days or 3 days in a row. One day I take half the next day one and the next half and the other day none at all, this works best for me to avoid the dreaded addiction problem.

It costs me a lot of sleep and especially as it is logical when I have changes of schedules one week I work in the night time and the other in the morning so I use diazepam for sleeping a differing times throughout the working week.

I tried to sniff them and gave me the feeling that it is quite more powerful, although this way I did not go, I only did it a few times out of curiosity and I certainly wouldn't encourage it at all to anyone and avoid street price diazepam as the value may be fake or dangerous. "
Michael, USA

"The snort benzos as I call them I see potentially more dangerous than cocaine, this already depends on each individual, The drugs that give you that kind of peace of disconnect, are more addictive than potent stimulants that happens just the opposite but as I said before depends on each person who takes the diazepam.

Their effects are very similar to those of alcohol what with the euphoria and then sleep, I see them as a kind of synthetic alcohol and the high becomes less as I increase the dosage . I really have to be determined to not get addicted but take diazepam only when it is really honestly needed and other techniques have failed to get me to fall asleep and be aware of the  side effects . "
Annie, Scotland

"Despite what many alcoholics, who take diazepam for withdrawal, tell me the benzos do not have the same effect as alcohol. To me the alcohol "displaces" my head, that is, it provokes a "stupor", while the benzos simply produce a state of mental and physical relaxation. Therefore I much prefer diazepam as I can still do work and chores around the house without feeling drunk and clumsy.

And as for sniffing diazepam I recently read someone who did and it had an effect. But I have also read that the oral bioavailability of diazepam is 99%, so why snort it? That does not make sense. Also, unlike alcohol intoxication I do not feel hungover the next day or have a bad headache to deal with, I simply feel normal. I have been able to control my use of diazepam for twenty years now and it has not done me any harm but then I am quite a sensible woman and my doctor trusts me to use the pills sparingly and with caution such as not driving etc. If I buy diazepam online I make sure that I dont just buy from the first website that has them for sale "

Agnes, Ireland

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